Mar 07

It is supported by many that the AGPL license for network services which run in a cloud brings back the fairness provision that the original GPL intended and returns the freedom that FLOSS promises to all users and developers. But does the APGL license really provide all that?   The AGPL license tries to bring […]

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Jan 30

I am going to tell a story just to give an understanding of the real value of FOSS in business. I recently developed an SMS (Short Message Service) daemon for a project at work. The daemon is using the SMPP protocol to send messages. To save time (and money) I used an Open Source SMPP […]

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Nov 25

New distros seem to pop-up every day in the GNU/Linux world. The majority of them try to be as FREE as possible, however when attempting to install a distribution on a new PC of a common next door user, you will probably find (I sure did) that you can’t avoid falling into these two proprietary […]

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Sep 16

Surfing the net all this time on topics related to GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software, I came across various interesting, imaginative and some times funny videos and advertisements. Here are my favourites, in random order:

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Sep 03

I have been a GNU/Linux user for a year now, and in this time I changed 4-5 distributions. In this process, even when reinstalling the same distro, I wasn’t aware that I could keep the settings and configurations of my applications. This can be done by creating a separate partition on the initial installation called […]

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May 23

We are three individuals with interest in Free Software. Each one of us has a different background in computing.We decided to create this blog so we can share our stories, knowledge and experiences with other FLOSS and GNU/Linux users. Feel free to comment and discuss what interests you. If you want to contribute or write […]

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