Feb 18

I haven’t blogged for a while now, since I am contributing most of my time and efforts into Chakra, a GNU/Linux distribution with an emphasis on KDE/Qt technologies, a unique half-rolling release model, and an amazing community! But I recently had to workaround an issue with getting a newly purchased HP Envy 4520 wireless printer […]

Jun 29

To achieve this, you are going to need a VNC server running on the host computer, and a VNC viewer running on your Android phone. This may sound complicated to some, but its really easy. Just follow this simple how-to! 🙂 Quoting wikipedia for those who have not heard it before: “Virtual Network Computing (VNC) […]

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Mar 07

It is supported by many that the AGPL license for network services which run in a cloud brings back the fairness provision that the original GPL intended and returns the freedom that FLOSS promises to all users and developers. But does the APGL license really provide all that?   The AGPL license tries to bring […]

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May 03

KDE SC 4.4 is out in the wild for some time now. It comes with a new Kdm theme called Ethais (Author=Roman Shtylman) and a new Ksplash Screen (Authors = Nuno Pinheiro, Riccardo Iaconelli and Marco Martin). Lately I was trying to achieve a more unified login experience on my pc. I was thinking that […]

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Mar 30

I came across this text over at www.linuxformat.gr and it got me into a lot of thinking. I would like to thank NikolaosX1 for sharing the original post in Greek and Danae for the translation in English that follows. Here is what NicolaosX1 wrote: “If you have problems in understanding the substance of Free Software, […]

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Feb 28

In most distributions that come with KDE Software Compilation 4.3 and above, opening Dolphin for browsing the filesystem will give you this window: The left circle shows the Preview Mode Button. We will expand on this option below. On the right is the Information Panel, which in addition to showing info about the file (type, […]

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Jan 30

I am going to tell a story just to give an understanding of the real value of FOSS in business. I recently developed an SMS (Short Message Service) daemon for a project at work. The daemon is using the SMPP protocol to send messages. To save time (and money) I used an Open Source SMPP […]

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Jan 06

Update: The method still works on KDE SC 4.4 Konsole is the X terminal emulator of KDE. I find having the terminal out of my way, but always open and easy to reach out to, very convenient. It also looks cool. 😉 With KDE SC 4.3 you can easily achieve this with a few clicks […]

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Dec 14

Yet for another time, I find myself switching distros. I hope am not addicted or something :). If not for anything else, I am enjoying the ride! This time is Chakra, and I must admit, am impressed! I had heard abοut ArchLinux back from the early days that I started experimenting with GNU/Linux distributions. It […]

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Nov 25

New distros seem to pop-up every day in the GNU/Linux world. The majority of them try to be as FREE as possible, however when attempting to install a distribution on a new PC of a common next door user, you will probably find (I sure did) that you can’t avoid falling into these two proprietary […]

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