Sep 16

Surfing the net all this time on topics related to GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software, I came across various interesting, imaginative and some times funny videos and advertisements. Here are my favourites, in random order:

Red Hat

1. Truth Happens

2. Inevitable

3. Choice


1. Imagine

2. Not just about the code

3. What does it mean to be free?

4. Warning


1. Prodigy

2. Shake up the world

3. Linux is working

Open Source

1. We are here


1. Matrix runs on Windows XP (by CollegeHumor)

Well I hope I haven’t forgot anything since there are some very good ones out there.

Do you have any other favourites that I left out? 🙂

6 Responses to “Top 12 Linux & FLOSS advertisements & videos”

  1. RRunner says:

    Hey great post!

    I really like the Not just about the code, Warning and all three IBM Commercials 🙂

  2. Prof says:

    That’s great! There was one excellent video about Controlled computing that I saw a while back, that while not exactly about linux, is still great.

  3. HeadLess says:

    Thank You.

  4. Ed says:

    Could you make these available with the HTML5 Video format, so I can watch them on my Linux & FLOSS system?

  5. tetris4 says:

    @ Prof:If you find the video do share it here!

    @ Ed: thumbs up and thnx for the intriguing comment.. 🙂

    I guess I could download these videos from YouTube, convert them to a free/opensource format and then upload them here again using html5, but I don’t know how proper it would be for me to do that on files uploaded from another person on another site.

    Still, I will have this in mind for future videos that would be created by our site!

  6. Arthur Marsh says:

    One that I haven’t seen recently but was very good was the Novell ad for Linux that was based on the Lord of The Rings. It’s at

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