Sep 16

Surfing the net all this time on topics related to GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software, I came across various interesting, imaginative and some times funny videos and advertisements. Here are my favourites, in random order:

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Sep 03

I have been a GNU/Linux user for a year now, and in this time I changed 4-5 distributions. In this process, even when reinstalling the same distro, I wasn’t aware that I could keep the settings and configurations of my applications. This can be done by creating a separate partition on the initial installation called […]

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Jun 06

Update: The solution described below still works using Amarok 2.3 under Ubuntu 10.10. Having recently switched from Kubuntu to Ubuntu (from KDE to GNOME if you prefer), one of the first programs that I missed was Amarok! I like keeping up to date with the latest releases, so I decided to go ahead and install […]

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