Mar 07

It is supported by many that the AGPL license for network services which run in a cloud brings back the fairness provision that the original GPL intended and returns the freedom that FLOSS promises to all users and developers. But does the APGL license really provide all that?   The AGPL license tries to bring […]

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Mar 30

I came across this text over at and it got me into a lot of thinking. I would like to thank NikolaosX1 for sharing the original post in Greek and Danae for the translation in English that follows. Here is what NicolaosX1 wrote: “If you have problems in understanding the substance of Free Software, […]

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Jun 13

I have been trying to compare software with other stuff but to my great disappointment I could not find anything that has the complete set of attributes that software does. Really, just think about it for a second or two. You have a computer. A computer is a general purpose machine. On it’s own it’s […]

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