Jun 06

Update: The solution described below still works using Amarok 2.3 under Ubuntu 10.10. Having recently switched from Kubuntu to Ubuntu (from KDE to GNOME if you prefer), one of the first programs that I missed was Amarok! I like keeping up to date with the latest releases, so I decided to go ahead and install […]

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May 29

A few days ago I downloaded a video file (.flv) from a website. I wanted to convert the video from .flv to .avi (I know it’s not a free format, but I needed to). I searched over the Internet and found out about FFmpeg. FFmpeg is a command line tool used to convert multimedia files […]

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May 24

Update: Since this post tends to get a few clicks and it’s rather outdated, I just wanted to give an update of what am currently using (last update: 15/05/2011) Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) as my theme instead of the KDE 4 and Firefox 4 theme. It’s under constant development and just keeps getting better. It […]

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